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ABOUT  KALEIDOSCOPE  CURRICULUM    |     The Kaleidoscope is a mystifying invention that simply will not work in a dark room. Created as an experiment on light polarization, this cylinder filled with colorful, loose objects displays impressive designs when light entering one end reflects colors on the mirrors inside. Only when you peer into the other end will you see colors collide and come to life. So too, with Scripture. Kept closed and in a dark drawer the Light and Life contained within it will not be experienced. We must open the Word and interact with it to discover the beauty within that can bring transformation to our lives.

Kaleidoscope Curriculum provides custom written bible studies crafted with the needs of your student group in mind. Student groups, like kaleidoscopes, are all unique. One group is unlike any other due to varying factors such as personalities, life experiences and environment.  These factors often play a role in what you, as their leader, choose to study with them.  If you have a specific passage or a theme that would be helpful to the spiritual growth of your students, but you cannot find any curriculum to match, consider allowing Kaleidoscope Curriculum to create just what you need.


jenniferhill_kaleidoscopecu Hi, my name is Jennifer, and the start of this business comes as an answer to a prayer and combines my love of writing, Bible study, and students. As the potential writer for your Bible study curriculum, I wonder what you really want to know about me?  Telling you I enjoy working in my flowerbed, kayaking, baking, pulling for my favorite football teams (Oklahoma State Cowboys and the New England Patriots), and going on mission trips does not really tell you anything that will help you decide whether or not you want me to help you with the key factor for your student event — the Bible study!

The Bible study at your event is critical, so asking someone you’ve never met to write this key piece is a big, scary step. I realize that!  I encourage you to read the testimonials and see what others have to say. I also suggest following your gut.  If you like what you see here and you have a peace in your spirit then I think we will work well together… after all, this is not a process where you hand me some information and then I don’t speak to you again until it is done.  Nope. For the endurance of this working relationship, we are a team communicating back and forth so that in the end you are pleased with your curriculum.  No surprises.

What is important for you to know about me is that I gave my life to Christ when I was 12 and have continued to follow Him ever since. I believe Scripture is the inspired Word of God and as I write, I depend on the Spirit to guide me. As for experience, you can find more details about that under the FAQ, “What is your background for writing youth curriculum?”  In short, I have served as a co-youth leader and have taught students many times, have had the awesome opportunity to serve on camp staff four times, and I focused on student ministry while in seminary. I have been writing student curriculum for nine years (including four years as a contract writer with Student Life) and realize it is a gift God has given me. It is my desire to use this gift for His glory and I pray many students are impacted with the Gospel as a result.